1% Fitness Move Better Train – Mike Sheridan

1% Fitness  Move Better  Train - Mike Sheridan

1% Fitness Move Better Train – Mike Sheridan
epub | 1.84 MB | English | Isbn:B012P8CRL4 |
Author: Mike Sheridan | PAge: 329 | Year: 2015


With everything else we seek efficiency. Whether preparing food, surfing the internet, or commuting to work, we’re looking for the smallest investment in time for the greatest return. Many times this means paying a little up front; which depending on our circumstances, the majority is obliged to do.
Well what if I told you the same efficiency was possible with exercise?
That all of the fat loss, muscle gain, cardiovascular and metabolic improvements, and reduction in disease risk and mortality can be achieved in far less time.
If you’re already exercising this means more free time, so it’s an easy decision. If you’re not already exercising, it’s just as easy; as once you understand that the investment in time is less than 108 minutes (1%) per week, it’s a no brainer.
“Give me 1% of your week, and I’ll give you the body you’ve always wanted.with maybe even more time to enjoy it.” Coach Mike
1% Fitness shows you how to build the ideal physique and improve your long-term health, with a minimal commitment to exercise. Mike Sheridan delivers his 9 performance principles and progresses you across 7 workout phases, so you’re primed for success no matter what your training level.
The book includes free access to the 1% Fitness workouts and corresponding exercise videos online. You can download the application to your smartphone, to learn and track your progress on-the-go.

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