2 In 1 Hack The Vagus Nerve

2 In 1 Hack The Vagus Nerve

2 In 1 Hack The Vagus Nerve
pdf | 1.35 MB | English | Isbn:B086C33T81 |
Author: Dr. Warren Cunningham | PAge: 148 | Year: 2020



Discover how to activate and stimulate your vagus nerve, using creative techniques and unleash your inner power.

Enjoy two manuals in one book, included:

BOOK 1: Hack The Vagus Nerve Total Guide

BOOK 2: Hack The Vagus Nerve 101 Exercises

The vagus nerve allows us to feel touch, wetness and temperature on the skin of the tragus, auricle and the external auditory canal of the ear. These parts are located in the central sections of the ear and acupuncture is taking advantage by using these locations to stimulate the vagus nerve. 

Each part of the sensory function is unique. The somatic function gives information regarding the skin from behind the ears. It also shares this information from the ear canal and various parts of the throat. It is also responsible for the visceral information shared to the brain regardings the majority of your digestive tract, heart, lungs, trachea, esophagus, and larynx. Finally, while it is not the primary “player” in the sensations in your tongue, your Vagus nerve does have a small role in how your tongue’s root experiences the sensation of taste.  

This bundle covers topics like:

  • Hacking your vagus nerve: all you need to know to activate your body’s natural healing power
  • What is the polyvagal theory? The key to heal yourself through the central nervous system
  • Breathing techniques: activate your vagus nerve and reduce anxiety and stress
  • Meditation & yoga workouts: poses and other exercises to relax yourself
  • Creative therapies: expand your mind and heal through hacking you vagus nerve
  • Diet and food tips to help to stimulate your vagus nerve.
  • Laughing, singing, humming and gargling can have amazing results on your nervous system health.
  • Accupunture and other traditional oriental techniques: learn tai chi and qi gong basics!
  • Heal from depression stimulating the vagus nerve: connect with yourself and increase your confidence
  • Hack your vagus nerve and heal from chronic pains, sciatica

So, If you are looking for a complete guide on how to hack the vagus nerve add this book to your cart today and enter the amazing world of the Vagus Nerve and the Third Eye Awakening!

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