A Software Engineer Learns Java – Cameron, Dane

A Software Engineer Learns Java - Cameron, Dane

A Software Engineer Learns Java – Cameron, Dane
epub | 1.04 MB | English | Isbn:1505671949 |
Author: Cameron, Dane | PAge: 340 | Year: 2015


Learn to write Java the right way – using the latest version of the language.

Amazon Bestselling author DANE CAMERON has worked professionally with Java for the last 16 years, and uses Java on a daily basis.
In this book he shares the knowledge he has gained over that time, and teaches Java as it should be learned by anyone aspiring to become a professional software engineer, or migrate to Java from other technologies.

This book walks you through all the key features of Java Standard Edition. All important features of the Java language are covered in detail, but throughout the book you will learn far more than just how to write Java code, you will also learn:

  • How to structure your code using design patterns
  • How to use the Eclipse IDE to build, debug and execute Java programs
  • The fundamental principles of Object Orientated Programming, and how these relate to Java
  • How Java is a multi-paradigm language, and how to embrace the best of functional programming and imperative programming techniques into your code
  • How to write automated unit tests for your code
  • How to document and distribute your programs

This book has been written from the outset to include all the new featured Java 8 has to offer, including lambda expressions and the Streams API. The intention of this book is to leave you with a deep understanding of how Java works, and how you can use it for solving a variety of problems.

By the end of the book you will be in a position to continue with more advanced topics, such as Java EE, if you choose, or you can use the knowledge you have gained to solve interesting real world problems.

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