Artech Rf And Microwave Oscillator Design

Artech Rf And Microwave Oscillator Design

Artech Rf And Microwave Oscillator Design
pdf | 37.49 MB | English | Isbn:978-1596930988 |
Author: Pieter L. D. Abrie | PAge: 208 | Year: 2009


This newly revised edition of the classic book, Design of RF and Microwave Amplifiers and Oscillators (Artech House, 1999) has been updated to include expanded derivations and problem sets, helping to make the material even more accessible and easier to master. You also get new material on power amplifiers (class A, B, AB, F, and E amplifiers, as well as Doherty amplifiers are covered), amplifier stability, and designing conditionally stable amplifiers. Moreover, the new edition discusses the influence of harmonic terminations on power performance and presents accurate. models for square spiral inductors and MIM capacitors. These models can be used to design MMIC amplifiers at microwave and millimeter frequencies.

This practical book helps you estimate the 1dB compression point of linear amplifiers, and provides the information required to generate load-pull contours for these amplifiers. The programs supplied with the previous edition of this book have been upgraded and are now integrated into a single Visual C++ program (LSM), with a menu-driven interface. Single- and double-matching problems can be solved with LSM, and the LSM executable is licensed with the book.

CD-ROM Included! Contains a Visual C++ 2008 executable for the program LSM, as well as updated versions of the Fortran source code. LSM can be run under Windows XP and Vista, and can be used to synthesize lumped-element solutions to single- and double-matching problems. LSM can also be used to synthesize LC-transformers and fit networks to a specified set of resistance- or conductance coordinates.

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