Avoiding IT Meltdown – Practical Hints And Tips For Managing Technology

Avoiding IT Meltdown - Practical Hints And Tips For Managing Technology

Avoiding IT Meltdown – Practical Hints And Tips For Managing Technology
epub | 3.09 MB | English | Isbn:B08NW968FP |
Author: Lancaster, Brian | PAge: 169 | Year: 2020


We’ve all heard about large companies suffering serious IT failures. That doesn’t mean smaller organisations are immune – they just don’t make the same sized headlines.What can you do to avoid a damaging IT meltdown?Running a good quality IT service for your organisation requires management capabilities that are fit for purpose. Processes, methods, techniques, procedures and best practices that ensure you implement IT change smoothly, deal with incidents calmly, detect and resolve underlying problems quickly, and manage your complex infrastructure proactively so that it is secure, resilient, and scalable. Brian worked for IBM and HSBC before going into consulting. He has led technical teams, managed projects, and run IT resilience and capability evaluations. His career has centred on the operation, service management, and technical support of IT systems where he has seen lots of methods and techniques that work well . and quite a few that don’t. ‘Avoiding IT Meltdown’ is a fast-paced book full of best practices he has accumulated over the years that will help you strengthen your strategies and processes for implementing, running, and supporting technology throughout your organisation. It is written in bite-sized chunks which gives you the option of reading it sequentially from cover to cover or dipping into individual chapters as and when required. Don’t be put off by the fact that some of this guidance comes from the corporate IT world. Lessons learnt in those larger and more complex environments can be scaled down and applied to great effect by teams of all sizes. You get to choose how much formality and rigor feels right for your situation. This is not a theory-laden textbook. It won’t teach you how to be a programmer or a technical guru. Its emphasis is on practical hints and tips that are designed to help you minimise disruption and optimise the quality of your IT services.Implementing just one of the many recommendations in this book will more than justify your investment in reading it.

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