Barista and the Bear Oak Fast – Rebel Carter

Barista and the Bear  Oak Fast - Rebel Carter
Barista and the Bear Oak Fast – Rebel Carter
epub | 265.47 KB | English | Author :Rebel Carter | B08FCNR5MS | 2020

Book Description :

Of all the coffee shops in the world, he just had to walk into hers.

When Teresa Ruiz’s Aunt Mary passed away, she lost the guiding light of her life and found herself alone and adrift. But for all her loneliness, Teresa never gave up and made for herself a new life and at the center of it was Barista Witch, the coffee shop she worked at. And for a time her life was good, predictable, and surrounded by a work-family she trusted—a feat in a world of magic, shifters, and fey.

In this world of magic, there are mates, and then there are fated mates. What Teresa doesn’t know is that she’s destined for her very own fated mate.

But when Cash Strongheart, her fated mate, walks into her coffee shop one day, it’s anything but magic and Teresa is determined to do this on her own terms.

Will Teresa learn to trust the magic of mates, and can Cash prove to her that for all the risk, life with a fated mate is just sweeter.

Find out both in the first book of the Oak Fast Fated Mates Series! This a sweet, whimsical, and grin-inducing PNR shifter romance set in a small town with plenty of found family vibes, smart-mouthed heroines, magical realism, and cinnamon roll heroes.

*This is a novella of approx 32k words*

Category : | Multicultural & Interracial Romance, Multicultural Romances, Werewolf & Shifter Romance

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