Classical & Quantum Chaos

Classical & Quantum Chaos

Classical & Quantum Chaos
pdf | 7.18 MB | English | Isbn:979-8639094972 |
Author: Predrag Cvitanovic’ et alpdftitle | PAge: 375 | Year: 2020


Inspired by a CC mom to help other CC families…this Cycle 3 Companion Notebook is a workbook compatible to help your child with CC (a specific classical education curriculum) memory work (5th Edition) for Cycle 3. Memorize and grow.

There are three notebooks you can order: weeks 1-12 or 13-24, or weeks 1-24. This is for weeks 1-24.

Larger 8.5×11 in size and rich glossy cover
Over 400 Pages of work pages for your child to fill in to help with their memory work every week.
Each week has one page per subject (Math, English, Science, History, Latin, Geography, Timeline, Bible)
History and Science each have an additional research page for note and drawings
Two pages for At-A-Glance review to fill in
Separated by weekly separating pages
2 Blank lined notebook pages per week with journaling pages in the back.
Certificate of Completion in the back
Extra Map tracing/labeling in the back for USA States

There are many activities that will help your student along with their weekly memory work. We are not affiliated with CC but recommend them as a foundation for homeschooling. There is no memory work listed in these notebooks – all fill in the blank with activities. This is to respect CC copyright. A Foundations Guide is required to complete this book.

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