Crashback – Michael Fabey

Crashback - Michael Fabey

Crashback – Michael Fabey
epub | 27.59 MB | English | Isbn:B07226J6NC |
Author: Michael Fabey | PAge: 321 | Year: 2017


An alarming message from an award-winning journalist with unprecedented access to the highest naval officers in America and China and their ships and weapons, this is a chilling look at the "warm war" over control of the South China Sea-one that is threatening to flare into full-scale conflict.
Out in the Pacific Ocean, there is a war taking place. It is a "warm war," a shoving match between the United States, since WWII the uncontested ruler of the seas, and China, which now possesses the world’s largest navy. The Chinese regard the Pacific, and especially the South China Sea, as their ocean, and they’re ready to defend it. Each day the heat between the two countries increases as the Chinese try to claim the South China Sea for their own, and the United States insists on asserting freedom of navigation. Throughout Southern Asia, countries such as Vietnam, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, and South Korea respond with outrage and growing fear as China turns coral…

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