Creating Stylish and Sexy Photography

Creating Stylish and Sexy Photography

Creating Stylish and Sexy Photography
pdf | 13.29 MB | English | Isbn:B00DQ75NPG |
Author: Nelson, Chris | PAge: 96 | Year: 2013


Straightforward lessons and instructional images offer an efficient way to learn the key elements of successful glamour photography in this inspiring guide. The photography in the book uses real women, just as photographers of any skill level will be working with everyday people, and the book takes photographers through the process of creating flattering, individualized portraits that accentuate each subject’s best features and minimize any areas about which they might be self-conscious. In addition to useful insights on lighting and posing techniques, it provides ample guidance on the delicate issue of the subject’s emotional comfort—a critical factor in the success of the images and the client’s happiness with the session. The book addresses different locations and natural versus artificial lighting scenarios, and also includes extensive postproduction tips and tricks.

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