Crocheting Teddy Bears – Barbara Jacksier

Crocheting Teddy Bears - Barbara Jacksier

Crocheting Teddy Bears – Barbara Jacksier
epub | 6.09 MB | English | Isbn:B00A44UJTE |
Author: Barbara Jacksier, Ruth Jacksier | PAge: 48 | Year: 1984


Every child (and many an adult!) has at one time longed to have a cuddly, lovable Teddy Bear of his own. From Teddy’s inception in 1902 – after President "Teddy" Roosevelt spared the life of a cub while on a hunting expedition – the popular toy continues to thrive in the hearts and homes of children everywhere.
Now needlecraft designers Barbara and Ruth Jacksier offer needleworkers (including beginners) 16 original Teddy Bears that are easy and fun to crochet.
Here is just a sampling of the irresistible bears you can make: Panda Bear; Koala Bear; Polar Bear; Goldilocks and The Three Bears; Shaggy Bear; Honey Bear; Preppy Bear; Roosevelt Bear; and more.
Complete directions for making each Teddy are accompanied by a photograph of the finished bear, diagrams where necessary, finishing details for eyes, nose, etc., and full-size patterns for all clothes to be sewn rather than crocheted. What’s more, the introduction, including an explanation of yarn…

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