Cut Off – Adrianne Finlay

Cut Off - Adrianne Finlay

Cut Off – Adrianne Finlay
epub | 9.87 MB | English | Isbn:B07T4LG73T |
Author: Adrianne Finlay | PAge: 384 | Year: 2020


Warcross meets Lost in this haunting young adult sci-fi thriller in which teens compete to survive in the wilderness for one million dollars on a new virtual reality show. When something goes horribly wrong and the contestants realize no one is coming to save them, they must question their very reality-and how much of the game is really for show.
Each contestant has their own reasons-and their own secrets-for joining the new virtual reality show CUT/OFF that places a group of teenagers alone in the wilderness. It’s a simple premise: whoever lasts the longest without "tapping out" wins a cash prize. Not only that, new software creates a totally unprecedented television experience, allowing viewers to touch, see, and live everything along with the contestants. But what happens when "tapping out" doesn’t work and no one comes to save you? What happens when the whole world seemingly disappears while you’re stranded in the wild? Four…

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