Danilevski The princess Tarakanova

Danilevski The princess Tarakanova

Danilevski The princess Tarakanova
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Author: G. P. Danilevski | PAge: 290 | Year: 2016


Princess Tarakanova was a pretender to the Russian throne. She styled herself, among other names, Princess of Vladimir, Fräulein Frank, and Madame Trémouille.

Tarakanova claimed to be the daughter of Alexei Razumovsky and Elizabeth of Russia, reared in Saint Petersburg. Even her place of birth, however, is not certain, and her real name is not known. She is known to have traveled to several cities in Western Europe; she became a mistress of Philipp Ferdinand of Limburg Stirum and lived off his money in the hope that the count would marry her.

She was eventually arrested in Livorno, Tuscany by Alexei Grigoryevich Orlov, who had been sent by Empress Catherine II to retrieve her. Orlov seduced her, then lured her aboard a Russian ship, arrested her, and brought her to Russia in February 1775. She was imprisoned in the Peter and Paul Fortress, where she died of tuberculosis that December. She was buried in the graveyard of the Peter and Paul Fortress.

A popular theory postulates that her death was faked and she was secretly forced to take the veil under the name "Dosifea." This mysterious nun was recorded as living in Ivanovsky Convent from 1785 until her death in 1810.

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