Design Of Structural Elements

Design Of Structural Elements

Design Of Structural Elements
pdf | 8.4 MB | English | Isbn:978-0230217713 |
Author: Arya, Chanakya | PAge: 523 | Year: 2015


This classic and well-respected textbook provides the most comprehensive coverage of the process of design for structural elements and features a wealth of practical problems and real-world examples. It introduces readers to the design requirements of the Eurocodes for the four most commonly used materials in construction: concrete, steel, timber and masonry, and illustrates the concepts and calculations necessary for the design of the most frequently encountered basic structural elements.  It includes a detailed section on structural analysis.
The scope of this text is wide, and its numerous examples, problems and easy-to-follow diagrams make it an ideal course text.
This user-friendly text is an indispensable resource both for undergraduates in all years of civil engineering and structural engineering, in construction and architecture, and for practising engineers looking to refresh their knowledge.

Category:Concrete Materials Engineering, Structural Engineering, Civil Engineering

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