Doctor of His Desire A Sci-Fi – Juniper Kerry

Doctor of His Desire  A Sci-Fi - Juniper Kerry
Doctor of His Desire A Sci-Fi – Juniper Kerry
epub | 234 KB | English | Author :Juniper Kerry | B08BDM71RX | 2020 | Scary Octopus Press

Book Description :

When Dr. Julia Foxe volunteers for a breeding program on the distant planet of Beshtast, she doesn’t really want a mate. Instead, she’s planning something much bigger: a special clinic for human women carrying alien babies. There are women out there who need help, and she’s going to help them. The breeding program is her ticket. as long as she doesn’t fall in love.

After the bombing of Xenyle, Prince Elter is damaged. His leg pains him, his scars pain him, and the trauma makes it hard for him to sleep. Once the most even-keeled of the princes on the Council, he now experiences fits of explosive rage he cannot control. When he lays eyes on Julia, he kno instantly that they are bonded. But such a beautiful creature deserves someone whole; not a broken man who drinks himself to sleep every night. For her sake, he cannot reveal the connection he kno is there.

Julia faces many challenges as she works to open her clinic. Perhaps the biggest challenge is resisting the pull that dra her to the broken prince. Will she be able to keep her focus on her plan, or will she give into temptation? And what will Prince Elter do, as the drive to connect with Julia gro ever stronger?

Doctor of His Desire is a steamy alien romance, featuring erotic scenes and spicy characters. It features interspecies pair-bonding, strong male and female heroes, and a guaranteed happy ending. There MIGHT be a cliff-hanger for the next book in the epilogue, but it will not impact Julia and Elter’s love story.

As Book 6 in Juniper Kerry’s Warriors of the Augur Nebula series, Doctor of His Desire can be read on its own, but it works best if read with its sister books in the order below:
Book 1: Prisoner of His Passion
Book 2: Keeper of Her Secrets
Book 3: Guardian of Her Desire
Book 4: Captor of Her Heart
Book 5: Champion of Her Heart
Book 6: Doctor of His Desire

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