Double Lives – Helen McCarthy

Double Lives - Helen McCarthy

Double Lives – Helen McCarthy
epub | 9.88 MB | English | Isbn:B086GKW31R |
Author: Helen McCarthy | PAge: 554 | Year: 2020


A groundbreaking history of mothers who worked for pay that will change the way we think about gender, work and equality in modern Britain.
In Britain today, three-quarters of mothers are in employment and paid work is an unremarkable feature of women’s lives after childbirth. Yet a century ago, working mothers were in the minority, excluded altogether from many occupations, whilst their wage-earning was widely perceived as a social ill. In Double Lives,Helen McCarthy accounts for this remarkable transformation, whose consequences have been momentous for Britain’s society and economy.
Drawing upon a wealth of sources, McCarthy ranges from the smoking chimney-stacks of nineteenth-century Manchester to the shimmering skyscrapers of present-day Canary Wharf. She recovers the everyday worlds of working mothers and traces how women’s desires for financial independence and lives beyond home and family were slowly recognised. McCarthy reveals…

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