Dream of White and Gold

Dream of White and Gold
Dream of White and Gold
epub | 617.14 KB | English | Author :R.K. Hart | B08B1LHN1H | 2020 | Pindika Press

Book Description :

‘… immersive and artfully rendered . A sparkling first novel’ – Kirkus Revie (starred review)

A coming-of-age fantasy filled with adventure, mystery, and romance. Perfect for fans of Laini Taylor and Margaret Rogerson.

All the dreamers are dead.

All but one.

Seventeen-year-old Lida d’Cathan has inherited something from her long-dead mother, Siva. Something unknown, something unwanted, and something entirely dangerous. Lida must make a choice: should she spend her life mistrusted and maligned, living as an outsider with the other gifted? Or stay in Kingstown, and risk hurting the people she loves with the power that spills from her in sleep?

In order to control her gift, she will need to follow in Siva’s elusive footsteps and travel further from home than she ever imagined. But just like her power, knowledge has a cost – and it might be more than she is willing to pay.

What will Lida give to become the last dreamer?

To Dream of White & Gold is the first novel in R.K Hart’s debut future fantasy series, Death Dreamer Legacy.

What readers are saying:

‘Hart’s debut novel is immersive and artfully rendered with clever dialogue and masterful prose . A sparkling first novel of self-discovery by a skilled author.’ – Kirkus Revie (starred review)

‘A treasure.’ – Goodreads review

‘A coming-of-age adventure set in a rich and immersive world complete with lore, language, and a twisted history … and a compelling story to boot! This is a captivating debut.’ – Goodreads review

‘… a rare, immersive read … This novel offers a beautiful escape without sacrificing literary finesse.’ – Goodreads review

‘… hugely enjoyable and utterly gripping.’ – Goodreads review

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