Dry Chemistry Analysis With Carrier Bound Reagents

Dry Chemistry Analysis With Carrier Bound Reagents

Dry Chemistry Analysis With Carrier Bound Reagents
pdf | 6.78 MB | English | Isbn:B00GFV9JHS |
Author: Sonntag, Oswald. | PAge: 641 | Year: 1993


Dry chemistry has been accepted as an important technology in medical laboratories for many years. Many evaluations of this technology have been undertaken by reputable clinical laboratories, the results of which were excellent when compared with conventional wet chemistry analysis. This book contains a detailed overview of the current knowledge in the field of dry chemistry both in the physicians’ office laboratories and large medical laboratories. The results from many evaluation studies are presented, as is data from interference studies which complete the descriptions of many dry chemistry methods.
A detailed description of various commercially available dry chemistry systems such as Ektachem, Reflotron, Seralyzer, Cobas Ready, Drichem, Opus and Stratus are also included.
This book effectively describes the current state-of-the-art technology and knowledge and succeeds in filling the gap in information in this important field of clinical chemistry science.
Originally published as ‘Trockenchemie’ by Georg Thieme Verlag,
Stuttgart, Dr. Sonntag has taken the opportunity of this translation to completely revise and update the contents of his book.

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