Elsewhere – A Journey into Our Age of Islands

Elsewhere - A Journey into Our Age of Islands

Elsewhere – A Journey into Our Age of Islands
epub | 34.65 MB | English | Isbn:B08KRML8VQ |
Author: Alastair Bonnett | PAge: 272 | Year: 2020


There are millions of islands on our planet. New islands are being built at an unprecedented rate, for tourism and territorial ambition. Many are also disappearing, besieged by rising sea levels. The story of our world’s islands is one of the great dramas of our time, and it is playing out around the planet-islands are sprouting or being submerged everywhere from the South China Sea to the Atlantic. Elsewhere is the story of this strange and mesmerizing planetary spectacle.

In this book, explorer and geographer Alastair Bonnett takes us on a thought-provoking tour of the world’s most fascinating islands. He traveled the globe to provide a firsthand look at numerous islands, sketching a vivid likeness of each one he visited. From a "crannog," an ancient artificial island in a Scottish loch, to the militarized artificial islands China is building; from the disappearing islands that remain the home of native Central Americans to the ritzy new islands of Dubai;…

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