Emotional Intelligence – 6 Books in 1 – Emotional intelligence for Leadership + Da…

Emotional Intelligence - 6 Books in 1 - Emotional intelligence for Leadership + Da...

Emotional Intelligence – 6 Books in 1 – Emotional intelligence for Leadership + Dark Psychology Secrets
pdf | 13.81 MB | English | Isbn:B084FJDX31 |
Author: Adam Goleman | PAge: 655 | Year: 2020


Would you like to learn the best techniques that will help you to further your emotional intelligence and  let  you stand out from the crowd? Have you ever wondered if it’s possible to manage your and other’s emotions more effectively, especially during difficult situations or under pressure? Are you interested in  discovering how mind control works and how to spot early signs before they increase dangerously?

Although what you would normally believe, people’s IQ is not the only factor which affects success in life, indeed we have another type of intelligence: emotional intelligence (EQ). The appropriate usage of EQ is affected by emotional intelligence, a term which includes self control, enthusiasm, resilience, ability to self motivation and leadership skills. Emotions influence a large part of our decisions and actions, hence it’s really important to develop adequate emotional intelligence. EQ is a key factor for reaching optimal results in various aspects of our life and it’s good to know that it’s possible to improve emotional intelligence.

EQ has 5 fundamental features:

  • Knowledge of your emotions
  • Control of your emotions
  • Self motivation
  • Recognition of other’s emotions
  • Relationship Management

Emotions have two key aspects, thoughts and body reactions against specific emotions such as anger. Sometimes, having full awareness of your emotion, is enough to manage them in the most effective way. In order to do so, it’s necessary to redirect negative emotions by doing something positive, like painting or writing, go for a walk. In this way we can keep aside negative thoughts and keep a distance from toxic people or situations. This book collection is a perfect combination of all the aspects we have listed above. It will provide  you with all the tools and best strategies to enhance your emotional intelligence, practical exercises for its training and development.

By reading and applying everything described in this book you will learn:

  • Communication competence 
  • Leadership skills
  • Conflict resolution 
  • How to make decision
  • What is NLP, and how does it work?
  • Motivation Theory
  • Who uses mind control?
  • Meditation and relaxation techniques to ease anger
  • Techniques to improve your memory
  • Practical exercises for empaths to help you deal with the negative energy
  • What are your abilities as an empathic?
  • How to identify your anger triggers
  • How to analyze people
  • And much more

Even if someone is not born with emotional intelligence, can he develop it by following certain instructions written in the eBook? Will those techniques and information – which have been proved by successful people – work for me?
Absolutely. Thanks to this manual, you will be able to effectively manage your emotions and other’s as well, especially in difficult situations where we often are tempted to take unpopular decisions or actions. The constant rise of our emotional intelligence will have an impact on our relationships with other people.

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