Encyclopedia Of Business And Finance Vol 2

Encyclopedia Of Business And Finance Vol 2

0028650670 Encyclopedia Of Business And Finance Vol 2
pdf | 5.75 MB | English | Isbn:B08D34BGBQ |
Author: Georgi Tsvetanov | PAge: 477 | Year: 2020


It is never too early to start preparing yourself for the future. This book will make children think and better understand business. Next time you go with your parents to a take-your-children to the office day, you will be able to stand up to the CEO of the company!

Research shows entrepreneurship education could start as early as 3 years old.

You are holding in your hands the first (and only at the time of publishing) business encyclopedia for children published by one of the leading business education firms.

Thank you for your preference! Let’s start a journey together.

Inside you will find:
– What is the difference between want and a need
– Why people pay for products or services and what is the difference
– Specific business ideas
– Activities for working together with the children
– Answering the most common questions children have about money
– What are the most common ways you can earn money
– What are the skills you need in order to be successful in life
– Learn more about different professions – advantages, disadvantages, a day in a life
– Explain crisis so children can understand it
– How to better manage money by saving, investing, invest smarter and spend less
– How a business works and specific examples for different industries
– How to attract clients for your business
– How to manage the finance of your business

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