Encyclopedia Of Foods 2002 P 529

Encyclopedia Of Foods 2002 P 529

Encyclopedia Of Foods 2002 P 529
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Author: Alex Brecher | PAge: 529 | Year: 2013


The vertical sleeve gastrectomy, or gastric sleeve, can be your weight loss solution after years of struggling with obesity. Thousands of patients have successfully lost weight and kept it off after vertical sleeve gastrectomy.

Making the right decisions can help you make the most out of this life-changing experience. The Big Book on the Gastric Sleeve: Everything You Need to Lose Weight and Live Well with the Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy! provides the information and tips you need to make the most out of this chance to overcome obesity forever.

How does the gastric sleeve work? Is the vertical sleeve gastrectomy your best option? Who will your surgeon be? What will your diet be like? How can you reduce complications and side effects?

This indispensable book answers these questions and more with straightforward and complete explanations. The authors, a successful weight loss surgery patient and a nutritionist specializing in weight loss speak to those considering weight loss surgery, current gastric sleeve patients and their supporters. Learn about:

– Expected weight loss after vertical sleeve gastrectomy (VSG)
– Choosing a surgeon and paying for surgery
– Safely preparing for and recovering from surgery
– Avoiding mistakes that can slow weight loss and harm your health
– The VSG diet for weight loss: what, when and how much to eat
– Health benefits and risks of the sleeve
– Embracing life as a sleeve patient

This complete guide covers the entire VSG journey – don’t miss out on critical information that can get you the weight loss that you want and deserve!

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