Encyclopedia of Ground Warfare

Encyclopedia of Ground Warfare

Encyclopedia of Ground Warfare
pdf | 17.9 MB | English | Isbn:978-1576073445 |
Author: Stanley L. Sandler | PAge: 1102 | Year: 2002


Spanning the recorded history of ground warfare from antiquity to the Atomic Age, this three-volume authoritative reference work documents it all―from generals to GIs, catapults to Kalashnikovs, ancient Israel to post-Soviet Chechnya.
Ground Warfare: An International Encyclopedia is nothing short of a tour de force. Included are more than 700 wars and battles, from the Aryan conquest of India to the Russian War in Chechnya; nearly 600 warrior biographies, from Alexander the Great to Colin Powell; dozens of nations and civilizations, from the Assyrians to the Zulus; and more than 100 authoritative survey essays on subjects such as tactics, weapons, organizations, home front issues, art, and economics.
With entries by more than 200 internationally renowned scholars, this well illustrated and lavishly mapped three volume set is sure to become the standard reference work on the long and tragic history of land warfare. Students, scholars, and military buffs will find in its more than 1,200 entries a wealth of fascinating and provocative information. The power and the glory, the victories and defeats―it’s all here.

• 1,200+ detailed A-Z entries, cross-referenced for further reading, chronicle every aspect of ground warfare throughout history
• Numerous drawings, engravings, and diagrams depict everything from Cyrus the II conquering Babylon to the Battle of Waterloo
• Photographs show leaders from Tito to T. E. Lawrence, weapons, and battles such as Antietam
• Maps range from Alexander’s empire to World War II

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