Encyclopedia Of Milestones In Archaeology

Encyclopedia Of Milestones In Archaeology

Encyclopedia Of Milestones In Archaeology
pdf | 12.87 MB | English | Isbn:978-1576071861 |
Author: Murray, Tim | PAge: 682 | Year: 2007


This engaging work uses key discoveries, events, people, techniques, and controversies to give the general reader a rich history of archaeology from its beginnings in the 16th century to the present.
The history of archaeology leads from the musty collections of dilettante antiquarians to high-tech science. The book identifies three major developmental periods―Birth of Archaeology (16th-18th centuries), Archaeology of Origins and Empires (19th century), and World Archaeology (20th century). An introductory essay acquaints the reader with the essence of the science for each period. The short entries comprising the balance of the book expand on the themes introduced in the essays.
Organized around personalities, techniques, controversies, and conflicts, the encyclopedia brings to life the history of archaeology. It broadens the general reader’s knowledge by detailing the professional significance of widely known discoveries while introducing to wider knowledge obscure but important moments in archaeology. Archaeology is replete with the visionaries and swashbucklers of popular myth; it is also filled with careful and dedicated scientists.

  • 200 entries present chronological milestones in the history of archaeology
  • Includes 70 photographs and drawings of people, sites, and artifacts
  • Three maps locate sites mentioned throughout the text
  • Includes an extensive bibliography for introductory essays and each entry

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