Encyclopedia Of Nonlinear Science 2005 P 1107

Encyclopedia Of Nonlinear Science 2005 P 1107

Encyclopedia Of Nonlinear Science 2005 P 1107
pdf | 19.29 MB | English | Isbn:978-0521865548 |
Author: Alwyn Scott (Editor) | PAge: 1107 | Year: 2006


The interaction of waves with obstacles is an everyday phenomenon in science and engineering, arising for example in acoustics, electromagnetism, seismology and hydrodynamics. The mathematical theory and technology needed to understand the phenomenon is known as multiple scattering, and this book is the first devoted to the subject. The author covers a variety of techniques, describing first the single-obstacle methods and then extending them to the multiple-obstacle case. A key ingredient in many of these extensions is an appropriate addition theorem: a coherent, thorough exposition of these theorems is given, and computational and numerical issues around them are explored. The application of these methods to different types of problems is also explained; in particular, sound waves, electromagnetic radiation, waves in solids and water waves. A comprehensive bibliography of some 1400 items rounds off the book, which will be an essential reference on the topic for applied mathematicians, physicists and engineers.

Category:Waves & Wave Mechanics, Solid-State Physics, Electromagnetism

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