Encyclopedia Of Science Technology And Ethics Vol 3

Encyclopedia Of Science Technology And Ethics Vol 3

Encyclopedia Of Science Technology And Ethics Vol 3
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Author: Cary Cooper | PAge: 563 | Year: 2014


Now in its third edition, this multi-volume Encyclopedia of Management, has been revised and updated to chart the major developments that have occurred in: digital technologies; ethics and governance-related issues; innovation; emerging markets; organizational networks; and new avenues of sustainable business growth. 

  • Provides comprehensive coverage of the field of management in one a landmark work of reference for scholars, students and professionals
  • Now features two entirely new volumes on Technology & Innovation and Management Research Methodology
  • The online edition links to the wider literature and to handbooks and journals in the field

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New to this edition: Technology & Innovation Management , Volume 13, V K Narayanan & Gina  O’Connor.

The encyclopedia is available online through Wiley Online Library, a major database of Journals, Handbooks and reference in the field. 

Volume Subjects and Editors:
Accounting, Volume 1, Colin Clubb & Shahed Imam
Business Ethics, Volume 2, Ronald James & team, with Kenneth Goodpaster
Entrepreneurship, Volume 3, Michael Morris & Don Kuratko
Finance, Volume 4, Krishna Paudyal
HRM, Volume 5, David Guest & David Needle
International Management, Volume 6, Markus Vodosek & Deanne Hertog
Management Information Systems, Volume 7, Detmar Straub & Richard Welke
Managerial Economics, Volume 8, Robert McAuliffe
Marketing, Volume 9, Nick Lee & Andrew M. Farrell
Operations Management, Volume 10, Dr Sinéad Roden, Mike Lewis & Nigel Slack
Organizational Behavior, Volume 11, Patrick C. Flood & Yseult Freeney
Strategic Management, Volume 12, John McGee & Tanya Sammut-Bonnici
Technology & Innovation, Volume 13, V K Narayanan & Gina O’Connor

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