Encyclopedia Of Science Technology Volume 11

Encyclopedia Of Science Technology Volume 11

Encyclopedia Of Science Technology Volume 11
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Author: sami AL-Mudhaffar | PAge: 797 | Year: 2017


That science is a cultural activity to achieve the goals of economic and political community and according to that sciences are major forces support of the historical, social, national and international change, vary from one community to another, and the internal and external challenges vary from culture to culture, in three continents of Asia, Africa and Europe, as it represents this site and the dominion advantages and disadvantages.
During the mid-twentieth century, it has been focusing on enriching the life scientific research and according to the needs of society and the role of science and social power and evolved its impact science curricula emerged reform movement in the seventies calls for the need for the development of curricula for scientific creativity, In (1983) issued a report entitled A Nation at Risk in the United States, a warning signal to the community.
Due to the fact that scientific knowledge intended to develop the capabilities and skills of individuals to cope with the requirements of various different aspects of life, as well as the community. Accordingly, the development of skills and capacity development of individuals is to build a human.
Man plays a distinct role in the knowledge that the first human activity and the second humanitarian component of social, scientific and general structure inherent rights throughout his life. For the life of human being is a living organism has a specific building my body interdependent with the psychological condition and functional.

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