Enforcer Bay Harbor Wolves Vol – B A Stretke

Enforcer  Bay Harbor Wolves Vol - B A  Stretke
Enforcer Bay Harbor Wolves Vol – B A Stretke
mobi | 133.42 KB | English | Author :B.A. Stretke | B08F3PZD8Q | 2020 | Superiorland Publishing

Book Description :

“I always get away.”

Travis Lloyd is just barely getting by. He works maintenance at the Indigo Hotel in Eastport and he supports his sister and his three year old nephew. His parents both died when he was sixteen, leaving him in the guardianship of a sister who was never able to take care of herself. The only thing that has mattered to Travis is looking out for his nephew Chance. Chance is a very special little boy and Travis would never allow anything to happen to him. His sister Hanna uses this against him to get what she wants. Hanna doesn’t care who she hurts as long as she gets everything she wants. Travis doesn’t know how much longer can he hold on, that is until Koa Raine steps into his life. He’s watched Koa from afar. They both work at the Indigo Hotel and Travis could help being distracted by the powerful looking man. He’s watched as Koa has had conquest after conquest and wonders when Koa will notice him, if he ever would. What Travis doesn’t know is that there is more to Koa than meets the eye and Travis is exactly the kind of man Koa has been waiting for. It’s taken some time for their paths to cross, but their lives would never be the same.

Koa Raine gets around. He never makes any promises, but he doesn’t deny himself either. He won’t get into a relationship with anyone, waiting for his fate destined mate to come along, but that doesn’t mean he’s a monk. What he doesn’t know is that for the past eight months his mate has been right under his nose, walking the halls on the night shift at the Indigo Hotel. What he also doesn’t know is that this man has observed his conquests. Can he gain Travis’ trust? Will Travis allow him to help him when he needs it most? Can he welcome a partner and a child into his life? Koa will move heaven and earth to be with his mate.

Category : | LGBT Romance, Gay Romance, Gay Fiction

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