Environmental Engineering 0470083026

Environmental Engineering 0470083026

Environmental Engineering 0470083026
pdf | 16.27 MB | English | Isbn:B01M0A5230 |
Author: John G. Yates | PAge: 1357 | Year: 2016


The fluidized-bed reactor is the centerpiece of industrial fluidization processes. This book focuses on the design and operation of fluidized beds in many different industrial processes, emphasizing the rationale for choosing fluidized beds for each particular process. The book starts with a brief history of fluidization from its inception in the 1940’s. The authors present both the fluid dynamics of gas-solid fluidized beds and the extensive experimental studies of operating systems and they set them in the context of operating processes that use fluid-bed reactors.
Chemical engineering students and postdocs as well as practicing engineers will find great interest in this book.

Category:Fluid Dynamics, Industrial & Technical Chemistry, Waste Management

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