Exercises with Core Sliders 40 – Chopra, Dr Monika

Exercises with Core Sliders  40 - Chopra, Dr  Monika

Exercises with Core Sliders 40 – Chopra, Dr Monika
epub | 12.91 MB | English | Isbn:B087KQ9V1D |
Author: Chopra, Dr. Monika | PAge: 149 | Year: 2020


Do you want to

•Strengthen your core?
•Improve your posture?
•Tighten your mid-section for that amazing summer look?
•Achieve the above goals from the comfort of your home without expensive gym memberships or personal trainers?

Then exercising with Core Sliders (also called Gliding Discs) is your answer. Being affordable, portable, and easily storable, Core Sliders can be used wherever and whenever you want to.

“Exercises with Core Sliders” has detailed description of more than 40 exercises, from Beginners level, all the way up to Advanced level. In this book, you’ll learn

•How to choose the core sliders.
•How to use the core sliders.
•Detailed step by step instructions for doing the exercises.
•Warm up & Cool down routines.

Packed with more than 140 illustrations, this book guides you to safe and effective methods of using core sliders by laying emphasis on the core engagement, proper start positions & correct movement of particular body part. The “Fine Tips” section lists the most frequently overlooked aspects of each exercise and help you in achieving the desired results. The beginners and advanced training regimes mentioned in this book help you to pace your schedule for optimum stress on the muscles giving adequate time for recovery.

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