Expert Excel – Pivot Tables – A Step By Step Guide To Learn And Master Excel Pivot…

Expert Excel - Pivot Tables - A Step By Step Guide To Learn And Master Excel Pivot...

Expert Excel – Pivot Tables – A Step By Step Guide To Learn And Master Excel Pivot Tables
epub | 7.58 MB | English | Isbn:978-1090881854 |
Author: Reed, Daniel | PAge: 227 | Year: 2019


Do you want to take your Excel skills to the next level? 

If the answer to this question is yes keep on reading…….. 

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Did you know that up to 78% of middle-skill jobs require applicants to be proficient in MS Excel? It is shown that those who were able to prove their mastery of the program were set to receive up to 30% more than their peers. But there’s far more to Excel than just being a potent addition to your resume. 

Excel is essentially one of the most powerful software tools for collecting and analysing data when used to its full potential. But all too often you may not be making the most of what excel has to offer. 

It is estimated that on average people only use 20% of functions available on excel because they are unaware of what each button and function does, Are you part of the average? Well go beyond being average and learn new skills that will set you apart from the rest. 

Whether you want to enhance your productivity at work, in business or harness new skills Expert @ Excel: VBA Programming & Power BI is for you.  

Topics Covered In This Book Include:

Book 1) VBA Programming

  • What you can use Visual Basic Application and will go into detail how VBA can help automate documentssuch as word processing. 
  • How to navigate your way around an IDE(Integrated Development Environment) and what each window represents. 
  • Clear steps on how to write a programand the 5 important questions you must think about before you start to write. 
  • The syntaxand the structureyou must follow when writing code in VBA. 
  • How to use the macro recorder and it’simportance when performing tasks.
  • The four decision-making andLoop statements that VBA programming uses

Book 2) Power BI

  • How to navigate around the Power BI Desktopand the interface of the data model
  • Understand the different views, Data model and Query Editorinterface
  • Learn how to use Query editor improving performance and loading data into the data model.  
  • How to perform basic mathematical operations
  • The difference between the M-language(Query editor) and DAX(Data model)
  • Understand how to work in the report view to visual results and learn how to create your first visualisationsinterface 
  • Access your results from different devices through Power BI Mobile.
  • How to custom visuals work when using Power BI for developers
  • Include End of Chapter ExercisesThat Will Test Your Newly Acquired knowledge with answers included. 
  • Any much much more….

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