Ferment – Patrick Dobson

Ferment - Patrick Dobson

Ferment – Patrick Dobson
epub | 1.25 MB | English | Isbn:B081BB8J5D |
Author: Patrick Dobson | PAge: 274 | Year: 2020


A deeply moving accountofone man’s return to the German town where he first pursued a career in winemaking, and his attempt to reckon with the mental illness, alcoholism, and enduring relationships that defined the most formative chapter of his life.
After an attempted suicide by hanging-with his son in the next room-author Patrick Dobson checks into a mental hospital, clueless, reeling from bone-crushing depression and tortuous, racing thoughts. A long overdue diagnosis of manic depression offers relief but brings his confused and eventful past into question.
To make sense of his suicide attempt and deal with his past, he returns to Germany where, three decades earlier, he arrived as twenty-two-year-old-lost, drunk, and in the throes of untreated mental illness-in search of a new life and with dreams of becoming a winemaker. The sublime Mosel vineyards and the ancient city of Trier changed his life…

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