Fine WoodWorking on Marquetry and Veneer[pdf]

Fine WoodWorking on Marquetry and Veneer[pdf]

Fine Woodworking on Marquetry and Veneer
pdf | 14.6 MB | English | Isbn:0918804744 |
Author: Editors of Fine Woodworking | PAge: 93 | Year: 2015


Beautiful wood is precious and has to be used sparingly. Hence the art of veneering, in which rare woods are sliced or sawn into thin leaves and then glued onto a substructure of more common material. The allied art of marquetry consists of making pictures – often to adorn elegant, veneered furniture – from a palette of colorful wood veneers. In this collection of 38 articles from Fine Woodworking magazine, skilled craftsmen explain how veneer is manufactured and how you can saw your own. They show you how to lay it using simple equipment and how to design furniture based on veneer panels. And they demonstrate the methods of marquetry, paying particular attention to shop-built saws for cutting the most intricate details.
Fine Woodworking magazine has been the most trusted resource for woodworkers since 1975. To celebrate the 40th anniversary of Fine Woodworking, The Taunton Press is re-releasing a number of classic titles from the early days of the magazine. Long out of print, the books are filled with expert information that’s as timeless now as when it was first published.

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