First Touch – April Anderson

First Touch - April Anderson
First Touch – April Anderson
epub | 193.56 KB | English | Author :April Anderson | B08FCRK5XQ | 2020

Book Description :

Jamie has got it bad for college heartthrob Lucas Black, and maybe there’s a chance he can do something about it. Only there’s one problem-Jamie is twenty years old and he’s never kissed anyone, and he doesn’t want to fumble his way through a first attempt with Lucas. He needs some experience. Needs a teacher. Someone who can show him how to be intimate and not make it weird.

Noah Brady, a grumpy friend of a friend, doesn’t even like him. He’s spent a year ignoring Jamie’s existence. And yet somehow he’s the one who ends up giving the lessons, teaching Jamie how to touch another man, until the line between lessons and reality begins to blur, and Jamie-well, sometimes it’s hard to remember Lucas Black at all.

FIRST TOUCH is a 50,000-word tropey gay romance with steamy scenes and a happy ending.

Category : | New Adult & College Romance, LGBT Romance, Gay Romance

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