Five Minute Mba In Corporate Finance

Five Minute Mba In Corporate Finance

Five Minute Mba In Corporate Finance
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Author: Cole Warren | PAge: 651 | Year: 2018


Learn the fastest way to get a degree from WGU.

After getting 70 credits during a single undergrad term I came back to WGU to get an MBA. I finished all if my classes (not including the final project) in less than a month.

In this guide, I share the techniques and secret tactics I used to maintain high grades and get a degree at an astonishing speed.

A single term at WGU costs ~$3,500. If this guide can save you just one semester of tuition, it’ll be the best investment you’ll ever make.

Optimize Performance Assessments: Learn processes and creative ways that you can finish projects and essays as fast as possible.

Optimize Objective Assessments: Learn the study habits and techniques that can help you to quickly finish objective assessments while maintaining high grades.

Secret Tips Others Don’t Know: Learn secrets like how to finish classes before your start date and take assessments without waiting for your mentor.

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