Fyrian’s Fire – Emily H Jeffries

Fyrian's Fire - Emily H  Jeffries

Fyrian’s Fire – Emily H Jeffries
epub | 4.21 MB | English | Isbn:1733373306 |
Author: Emily H. Jeffries | PAge: 358 | Year: 2019


The week of her wedding, Lady Tessamine Canyon is jilted by her betrothed, Prince Linden. Left utterly humiliated, Tess betrays a tightly guarded secret to an enemy spy-a decision that throws the Dione of Glademont into chaos. Hunted by bloodthirsty mercenaries, Tess flees into the Hinge Forest. There, with the help of a wild owl and a two-hundred-year-old bear, Tess begins to unlock the forgotten mysteries of her people.
Deep in the woods, the spirit of a long-dead dryad awaits the next Thane of a fierce weapon. To Tess’s amazement, it is she who is called to master the weapon’s power and save Glademont from an impending war.
When a surprising turn of events reunites Tess with Linden-the prince who called off their engagement-Tess must swallow her pride and join forces with him. But even if Tess can rescue her people, will that be enough to forgive her treason? Armed with a fiery magic, Tess is forced to make an impossible choice, one that might…

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