Galleries of Maoriland – Roger Blackley

Galleries of Maoriland - Roger Blackley

Galleries of Maoriland – Roger Blackley
epub | 85.44 MB | English | Isbn:B07HR39YPR |
Author: Roger Blackley | PAge: 312 | Year: 2018


Galleries of Maoriland introduces us to the many ways in which European colonists to New Zealand (called Pakeha by the indigenous Maori) discovered, created, propagated and romanticised the Maori world at the turn of the century summed up in a popular nickname describing New Zealand; Maoriland. It could be seen in the Maori portrait paintings of Gottfried Lindauer and Charles F Goldie; among artists, patrons, collectors and audiences; inside the Polynesian Society and the Dominion Museum; among stolen artefacts and fantastical accounts of the Maori past. The culture of Maoriland was a Pakeha creation. But Galleries of Maoriland shows that Maori were not merely passive victims: they too had a stake in this process of romanticisation. What, this book asks, were some of the Maori purposes that were served by curio displays, portrait collections, and the wider ethnological culture? Why did the idealisation of an ancient Maori world, which obsessed ethnological…

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