Grokking The Java Developer Interview –

Grokking The Java Developer Interview -

Grokking The Java Developer Interview
pdf | 13.26 MB | English | Isbn:B08LCBWGKX |
Author: Arora, Jatin | PAge: 327 | Year: 2020


About the Book

Grokking The Java Developer Interview helps you to crack a Java, Spring & Hibernate interview.
The book has more than 200 questions that are frequently asked during an interview for Java, Spring, SpringBoot & Hibernate profile. Some of the important topics like Multi-threading, Collection framework, Singleton Pattern, SpringBoot Annotations and many more are covered in detail. Most of these topics are explained with code examples that will help you to quickly grasp the concept.

About the Reader

This book is for programmers, engineers or anyone who is preparing for a Java Web Developer Interview. If you have some prior experience in Java/Spring then this book will help you to brush-up on the concepts.

Who is this book NOT for?
This book is not for you if you are looking for an in-depth study of Java or Spring. The objective of this book is not to discuss the ongoing research or challenges in this industry or serve as a substitute for a course book.

If you are trying to decide whether this is the right book for you, then take a look at the Table of Contents section, it has all 202 interview questions that are discussed in this book.

About the Author

Jatin Arora is a Computer Science graduate. He holds an expertise in Java & SpringBoot. He has worked on a variety of interesting projects across different domains like Inventory management, DevOps, cloud & financial domain.

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