Handbook Of Biomass Downdraft Gasifier Engine Systems

Handbook Of Biomass Downdraft Gasifier Engine Systems

Handbook Of Biomass Downdraft Gasifier Engine Systems
pdf | 4.81 MB | English | Isbn:978-1496082749 |
Author: Thomas B. Reed and Agua Das | PAge: 149 | Year: 2014


This handbook explains how biomass can be converted to a gas in a downdraft gasifier and gives details for designing, testing, operating, and manufacturing gasifiers and gasifier systems, primarily for shaft power generation up to 200 kW. t is intended to help convert gasification from a practical art into a field of en­gineered design. Although the handbook focuses on downdraft gasification as the only method suitable for small-scale power systems, it also gives extensive detail on biomass fuels, gas testing and cleanup in­strumentation, and safety considerations that will be of use to all those who work with gasifiers at whatever scale. The combustion of biomass in wood stoves and in­dustrial boilers has increased dramatically in some areas, and forest, agricultural, and paper wastes are being used extensively for fuels by some industries. However, more extensive biomass use still waits for the application of improved conversion methods, such as gasification, that match biomass energy to processes currently requiring liquid and gaseous fuels. Examples of such processes include glass, lime, and brick manufacture; power generation; and transportation. CONTENTS 1.0 Introduction and Guide to the Literature and Research 2.0 History, Current Directions, and Future Development 3.0 Gasifier Fuels 4.0 Principles of Gasification 5.0 Gasifier Designs 6.0 Gasifier Fabrication and Manufacture 7.0 Gas Testing 8.0 Gas Cleaning and Conditioning 9.0 Gasifier Systems 10.0 Instrumentation and Control 11.0 Engine Adaptation and Operation 12.0 Safety and Environmental Considerations 13.0 Decision Making References Appendix The ultimate guide to researching and potentially building a biomass downdraft gasifier engine system. A must read for anyone interested in alternative energy and emergency preparedness. A useful and informative guide for individuals everywhere.


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