Heat Transfer in Process Engineering

Heat Transfer in Process Engineering

Heat Transfer in Process Engineering
pdf | 8.97 MB | English | Isbn:B002U2DQAC |
Author: Eduardo Cao | PAge: 605 | Year: 2009


Cutting-edge heat transfer principles and design applications
Apply advanced heat transfer concepts to your chemical, petrochemical, and refining equipment designs using the detailed information contained in this comprehensive volume. Filled with valuable graphs, tables, and charts, Heat Transfer in Process Engineering covers the latest analytical and empirical methods for use with current industry software. Select heat transfer equipment, make better use of design software, calculate heat transfer coefficients, troubleshoot your heat transfer process, and comply with design and construction standards.
Heat Transfer in Process Engineering allows you to:

  • Review heat transfer principles with a direct focus on process equipment design
  • Design, rate, and specify shell and tube, plate, and hairpin heat exchangers
  • Design, rate, and specify air coolers with plain or finned tubes
  • Design, rate, and specify different types of condensers with tube or shellside condensation for pure fluids or multicomponent mixtures
  • Understand the principles and correlations of boiling heat transfer, with their limits on and applications to different types of reboiler design
  • Apply correlations for fired heater ratings, for radiant and convective zones, and calculate fuel efficiency
  • Obtain a set of useful Excel worksheets for process heat transfer calculations

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