His Stolen Princess – MINK

His Stolen Princess - MINK
His Stolen Princess – MINK
epub | 239.41 KB | English | Author : MINK | B08F4F918K | 2020 | MINK

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I never wanted to come back here, never wanted to see any of these faces. Old friends and enemies-sometimes one-in-the-same. But I had to come. One last time. It’s hard enough as it is, but then I see him. The reason I’m here, the man who took my brother away from me. He may be the most powerful man in Italy, but right now, I don’t care. Right now, I want him to hurt the way I do.

She comes to a funeral with pain and beauty. Lashing out, she aims for me. I take her fury, her sorrow, and finally, her. I can’t let her walk out of my life, not when I’ve found her again. The last time I saw her, she was a child and I wasn’t much more than one. This time, though, this time, I won’t let our bond break. I’ll do everything I can to convince her that her life is here with me, not on the run from a past she can’t escape. But I soon discover I’m not the only one with my sights on her, and old enemies never truly die.

MINK’s note: Curl up with a kitty and an espresso for this sweet tale of love with a hard-won HEA.

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