Historic Events for Students The Great Depression Vol 2

Historic Events for Students The Great Depression Vol 2

Historic Events for Students The Great Depression Vol 2
pdf | 44.12 MB | English | Isbn:978-0787657017 |
Author: Richard C. Hanes | PAge: 376 | Year: 2002


These comprehensive volumes give students and researchers a detailed look at the actions and impact of key events in world history. Combining basic facts and background with global perspectives, each one to three-volume set is dedicated to a single major world event and includes primary source documents that bring history to life for students. Each volume includes 15-20 entries, ranging from 15 to 20 pages each, covering a specific issue or incident related to the event. Entries follow a standard format to facilitate comparison between entries and typically include:

  • Bibliography and sources for further research
  • Chronology
  • Historic forces — a summary of the key political, social and economic forces that influenced the event
  • Introduction
  • Issue/Incident summary — an explanatory essay explaining the key causes, historical context and implications of the event
  • Notable people
  • Perspectives — an exploration of different perspectives on the event, including local, national and international perspectives
  • And more

In addition, entries also include statistical information, definitions of vocabulary words, brief mentions of movies, television shows and fictional works related to the event and suggested research topics. Each set also includes 100-300 black-and-white photographs, illustrations and/or maps, a glossary, a general bibliography, a geographic/ethnicity index and a cumulative gen

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