Hot for The Firefighter – Autumn Summers

Hot for The Firefighter - Autumn Summers
Hot for The Firefighter – Autumn Summers
epub | 1.66 MB | English | Author :Autumn Summers | B08DJFYT5H | 2020

Book Description :

Willow Hardy lost everything in the fire, not only her material possessions but she also lost a piece of her soul. 
Firefighter Zach Lowe saved Willow’s life, in more ways than one.
It was so unexpected, my whole life just came crumbling down. 
I lost my home, all my possessions, my job…basically everything that made me, me. 
But what I gained from that loss, is priceless. 

I’ve saved dozens of people from burning buildings, but this one is different.
When I first saw her in the fire-filled room, a chill came over me.
There’s was something special about this girl, but she’s lost everything including a piece of her soul.
I’m willing to do anything to make her whole again and make her mine. 

Hot for the Firefighter is a sweet and steamy Insta Love Romance with a happily-ever-after featuring an alpha man and the curvy woman he loves. NO cliffhangers. NO cheating.

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Category : | Action & Adventure Romance, 90-Minute Romance Short Reads, Romantic Action & Adventure

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