Hydrogen As A Future Energy Carrier

Hydrogen As A Future Energy Carrier

Hydrogen As A Future Energy Carrier
pdf | 7.5 MB | German | Isbn:978-3527308170 |
Author: Andreas Z├╝ttel | PAge: 436 | Year: 2008


This book fills the gap for concise but comprehensive literature on this interdisciplinary topic, involving chemical, physical, biological and engineering challenges. It provides broad coverage of the most important fields of modern hydrogen technology: hydrogen properties, production, storage, conversion to power, and applications in materials science. In so doing, the book covers all the pertinent materials classes: metal hydrides, inorganic porous solids, organic materials, and nanotubes. The authors present the entire view from fundamental research to viable devices and systems, including the latest scientific results and discoveries, practical approaches to design and engineering, as well as functioning prototypes and advanced systems.

Category:Materials Science, Environmental Engineering, General Chemistry

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