Introduction To Mineral Exploration

Introduction To Mineral Exploration

Introduction To Mineral Exploration
pdf | 10.19 MB | English | Isbn:978-1405113175 |
Author: Moon, Charles and Whateley, Michael and Evans, Anthony M. | PAge: 499 | Year: 2006


This new, up dated edition of Introduction to Mineral Exploration provides a comprehensive overview of all aspects of mineral exploration.

  • Covers not only the nature of mineral exploration but also considers other factors essential to successful exploration, from target evaluation to feasibility studies for extraction and production.
  • Includes six detailed case studies, selected for the range of different problems and considerations they present to the mineral explorationist.
  • Features new chapters on handling mineral exploration data and a new case study on the exploration for diamonds.
  • Essential reading for upper level undergraduates studying ore geology, mineral exploration, mining geology, coal exploration, and industrial minerals, as well as professional geologists.

Artwork from the book is available to instructors online at

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