Killer Visual Strategies – Amy Balliett

Killer Visual Strategies - Amy Balliett

Killer Visual Strategies – Amy Balliett
epub | 44.21 MB | English | Isbn:B089Y8JSTT |
Author: Amy Balliett | PAge: 218 | Year: 2020


Discover the foundation, power, and necessity of visual communication with this essential guide
Visual communication has changed. It’s gone from being an optional medium for relaying information to an important method for building connections and increasing understanding. We now use visual storytelling to help us establish and strengthen relationships, engage distracted audiences, and bring clarity to complexity. Killer Visual Strategies¬†examines how visual communication has transformed how brands connect with their customers and colleagues alike. It looks at the growing audience demand for quality visual content and how organizations must meet this demand or risk being left behind.
Killer Visual Strategies¬†traces the history of visual communication and explores why it now plays an integral role in our daily lives. As Amy Balliett tells the story of this evolving medium, she naturally incorporates visuals, such as timelines…

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