Larger Than Life – Maria Sherman

Larger Than Life - Maria Sherman

Larger Than Life – Maria Sherman
epub | 15.92 MB | English | Isbn:0762468912 |
Author: Maria Sherman | PAge: 217 | Year: 2020


This nostalgic, fully-illustrated history of boy bands – written by culture critic and boy band stan Maria Sherman – is a must-have for diehard fans of the genre and beyond.

The music, the fans, the choreography, the clothes, the merch, the hair. Long after Beatlemania came and went, a new, unstoppable era of the boy band emerged, fueled by good looks and even greater hooks. The pop phenomenon that dominated the 1990s and 2000s has left a long-lasting mark on culture, and it’s time we celebrate it. Written by a super fan – pop culture journalist Maria Sherman – for super fans, Larger than Life is the definitive guide to boy bands, with a mix of serious fandom and a tongue-in-cheek attitude.

Larger the Life begins with a brief history of male vocal groups, touching on The Beatles, the Jackson 5, and Menudo before diving into the building blocks of these beloved acts in "Boy Bands 101." Sherman then moves…

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