Love In, Love Out – Dr Malie Coyne

Love In, Love Out - Dr Malie Coyne

Love In, Love Out – Dr Malie Coyne


An indispensable guide helping parents to understand and recognise various forms of anxiety and how to empower their children in developing adaptive coping strategies. It is not commonly known that a parent’s response to their child’s anxiety is a deciding factor in how they will cope. This is not to say that parents are to blame, but rather that with the correct guidance parents hold the key in helping their children to feel validated, from which problem-solving strategies can then emerge. Most parents want to get it right and support their children through all stages of their development. But how does a child learn to regulate their emotions? How can the average parent recognise what is and what is not normal anxiety? Are there different types of anxiety that affect children at different stages of their development? Why is there a spike in anxiety rates worldwide and what are possible reasons behind this trend? In her book, Clinical Psychologist, National University of Ireland…

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