Missing Middle Housing – Daniel G Parolek

Missing Middle Housing - Daniel G  Parolek

Missing Middle Housing – Daniel G Parolek
epub | 19.42 MB | English | Isbn:B089Q92GXL |
Author: Daniel G. Parolek | PAge: 348 | Year: 2020


Today, there is a tremendous mismatch between the available housing stock in the US and the housing options that people want and need. The post-WWII, auto-centric, single-family-development model no longer meets the needs of residents. Urban areas in the US are experiencing dramatically shifting household and cultural demographics and a growing demand for walkable urban living.

Missing Middle Housing, a term coined by Daniel Parolek, describes the walkable, desirable, yet attainable housing that many people across the country are struggling to find. Missing Middle Housing types-such as duplexes, fourplexes, and bungalow courts-can provide options along a spectrum of affordability.

In Missing Middle Housing, Parolek, an architect and urban designer, illustrates the power of these housing types to meet today’s diverse housing needs. With the benefit of beautiful full-color graphics, Parolek goes into depth about the benefits and qualities of Missing Middle…

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