NetWorking for Introverts – Assert Your Quietly Powerful Advantage to Build Conne…

NetWorking for Introverts - Assert Your Quietly Powerful Advantage to Build Conne...

Networking for Introverts – Assert Your Quietly Powerful Advantage to Build Connections and Never Small Talk Again
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Author: Myers, Daisy, Myers, Daisy | PAge: 157 | Year: 2020


How would you like to never have to engage in small talk again? Would you jump at the chance to stop having to give every conversation you have with new people CPR?

Introverts gather around, because a solution to your small-talk woes is imminent. The most famous introverts in the world, among them, Eleanor Roosevelt, Gandhi, and even Elon Musk, have known the secret to building connections while staying true to yourself, and now it is your turn.

In Networking for Introverts, we will present the solution to annoying small talk with people you have just met and introduce you to the power of using vulnerability and curiosity in networking. Never have another uncomfortable moment of silence again after introductions; instead, get ready for exciting and valuable interactions and an array of new leadership and entrepreneurial skills, no matter your type of introversion.

Networking is not just about exchanging business cards with people in the hopes they might vaguely remember you one day when the opportunity presents itself. Networking is the key to building relationships that add value and unlocking the doors to your success.

It may seem unlikely that introverts are actually the masters of the art of building and developing deep connections, but you are about to learn how to leverage that natural strength. Introverts are some of the best networkers in the world, because they understand the secrets to networking through authenticity and vulnerability.

In Networking for Introverts, we will give you the tools to activate this skill you never knew you had and help you to kick small talk to the curb. If you are ready to claim your place as a quietly powerful leader, this resource is your starting point.

Leverage the strengths your unique introvert personality brings to the room, and use networking to get you further than you ever dreamed possible. It is not a dream; it is a reality waiting for you on the other side of this book.

Inside Networking for Introverts, learn how to:

  • Face a room full of people with confidence, even if you aren’t an extrovert by nature
  • Talk to anyone at a party or function and make a deep impression without a single word of small talk
  • Understand your particular brand of introversion, and figure out how you can use it to your advantage
  • Become the best leader you can be by harnessing your innate honesty, need for connection, and authenticity
  • Advance your business life and become a business leader and entrepreneur through the power of networking

These points really just scratch the surface of the depth of knowledge offered in this resource, as we reveal the secret of the successful introvert.

Our world is built on introverts who have learned to harness their power and put it to exceptional use, and you are next in line for this journey to success. By creating the right connections, you can open doors you never believed possible, just like those before you did.

Now is the time to stop seeing your natural introversion as a weakness and start seeing it as the strength that it really is. You are not hindered by your introverted nature; it is actually your superpower!

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