New Dictionary Of The History Of Ideas Vol 1

New Dictionary Of The History Of Ideas Vol 1

New Dictionary Of The History Of Ideas Vol 1
pdf | 8.54 MB | English | Isbn:978-0806133393 |
Author: Marcia Haag | PAge: 548 | Year: 2001


Choctaw Language and Culture combines a beginning language and grammar text with a selection of essays on Choctaw history, language, and culture from prehistoric times to the present.
In part one of the book, "Chahta Anumpa," Marcia Haag, a linguist, and Henry Willis, a native speaker and Choctaw instructor, present the Choctaw language. Each chapter begins with a conversation or a Choctaw story. Designed for classroom use and to preserve the rich heritage of the Choctaw language, the lessons introduce new words, explain sentence construction and correct usage, and provide exercises in grammar and composition.
Part two, "Kaniohmichi-hosh Okchayat Il-asha ("The Way We Live")," contains essays on Choctaw history and culture written especially for this volume by leading scholars in anthropology, history, linguistics, archaeology, and Native American studies. Beginning with "The Ancient Ones," the chapters describe Choctaw prehistory, daily life before contact, ritual and religion, trade, removal to Indian Territory, schools, newspapers, and contemporary life.

Category:Linguistics, Linguistics Reference, Native American Demographic Studies

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